Study for Two Performers


Year of Composition: 2014

Instrumentation: Two vocalists with wineglasses (can be performed by any voice type; vocal training is not necessary)

Premiere: November 22, 2014 at Lutkin Hall, Northwestern University; Linnea Heichelheim and Erin Cameron, performers

Study for Two Performers was inspired by improvisation with my father, a percussionist. The original piece (movement I) intended to explore the sonic possibilities of crystal glasses, which are often used only for quiet drone sounds. The later movements increasingly deconstruct the material of the first using randomized processes. The piece, for two performers of voice and crystal glasses, represents a “conversation” of sorts. At some points, the topic is clear as players respond to the sounds of others; at other points, the relation between parts is less clear and the point of discussion becomes muddied.

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