I am available for private clarinet lessons in the Denton, Texas area. I teach students of all ages and experience levels. Use the Contact tab to get in touch!

Teaching Philosophy
I aim to help students realize their potential as musicians by cultivating a positive, safe, and challenging environment. My goal is to help students achieve “musical independence:” that is, they are able to solve problems and have fulfilling musical experiences on their own, without the instructor. Students will learn to teach themselves and others, to perform effectively, and (most importantly!) to have fun. These musical skills are also incredibly useful outside of lessons, no matter what career path a student may take.

Lessons with me typically involve long tones, scales, etudes, and solo repertoire. I also like to incorporate improvisation into lessons. The exact path a student takes depends on their individual interests and passions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

These resources are available to anyone, free of charge.

Major Scales
Natural Minor Scales
Harmonic Minor Scales
Melodic Minor Scales

University of North Texas Clarinet Handbook